The Heist Before Christmas

Film · Released · Dramedy


Edward Hall


Ronan Blaney


Timothy Spall, James Nesbitt, Bamber Todd, Joshua McLees, Bronagh Waugh, Laura Donnelly, Lloyd Hutchinson, Peter Rethinasamy, Pat Shortt, Barbara Blanka

Production Partner

Calico Pictures (Ireland)

Twelve-year-old Mikey Collins, who’s dirt-poor and hates Christmas, finds two Santa Clauses in the woods. One has just robbed a bank (James Nesbitt) and is on the run with the cash, the other Santa (Timothy Spall) claims to have fallen out of his sleigh. Mikey has no time for this second guy – he’s well past believing any of the Jingle Bells, spirit-of-the-season rubbish, even if his little brother Sean insists on treating the old man like a superstar. Instead, Mikey’s determined to get his hands on the bank-robber’s cash, convinced that this is the answer to giving his family the Christmas they all crave. But as Mikey risks everything for the loot, he comes to realise that maybe the spirit of Christmas is alive after all…